Tria is a town located at the fork of the Tria River, for which is it named. The people of Tria are neither wealthy or poor, doing what they can to get by. Tria's proximity to the nearby Green River Forest gives it ample access to lumber, which is its primary export and the primary industry of the town.

Tria was founded by Odo, an Elvish Scholar who believed that people should be able to govern themselves. A complex system of voluntary civil service was introduced, in which all functions of business and politics were consolidated under a single administrative bureaucracy, who assigned work based on need. Odo's administrative genius, combined with the industriousness of the Trian people, made Tria into a propserous trading port.

Upon Odo's death, a rift was opened in the system between those that supported the bureaucracy and those who opposed it, both believing that they were following the teachings of Odo. As a result of this infighting, the city has fallen upon hard times, and much of the wealth accumulated under Odo has vanished under successive administrators. 


Dorophil, Bandit


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